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Autumn 2002 Charleston, WV Grantee Conference

Presenter's Notes & Related Materials

Listed below are links to information disseminated at the September 25-27, 2002 Southern Rural Access Program Autumn Grantee Conference in Charleston, WV.


PDFs for the below are no longer available.

  • The Legacy of Practice Sights: Building and Sustaining a System of Primary Care and Community Health in New Hampshire (PDF) -- John D. Bonds, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Printable WORD Version.
  • West Virginia Recruitable Community Project Outline -- Dr. C. Ken Shannon and Dr. Ken Martin, West Virginia University (PDF)
  • West Virginia Recruitable Community Project Powerpoint Presentation -- Dr. C. Ken Shannon.
  • Your Doctor Will See You Now; Access: The Cornerstone of Success in the Physician Practice (PDF) -- Colleen Risk and Rick E. Weymier, VHA, Inc. .
  • American Project Access (Powerpoint) -- Alan McKenzie, CEO Printable WORD Version.
  • American Project Access Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Lessons in Surveillance: Community Health Facilities Fund (WORD) -- Chris Conley, CEO
  • Loan Monitoring & Risk Management (Powerpoint) -- Ines Polonius, alt.Consulting. Printable WORD Version.
  • South Carolina's Targeted Approach to Communications: Are you talking to me? (PDF) -- Roslyn Ferrell, SC State Office of Rural Health Printable PDF Version.
  • Building Your Loan Fund's "Seed Capital Base": Loan Fund Proposal presentation (WORD), Tom McRae, Mountain Association for Economic Development (MACED)
  • MACED Loan File Preparation (PDF)
  • MACED Loan Policy (PDF)